10 Lines on Allam Muhammad Iqbal

In this post, I am sharing 10 lines on Allam Muhammad Iqbal for Kids. These lines are the Top 10 lines for students for getting good marks in the English annual exam. He is the favorite personality of Pakistan. He works day and night for Muslims of the subcontinent for her separate homeland. Muslims and Hindus are living in slavery of the British government. He awakes the Muslim through her poetry and combines on the one plate form for the independence of the British Goverment. In 1930 he give an idea of a separate homeland. Allam Muhammad Iqbal is known as shre-e-maskrike. He died on 21 April 1938. For more interesting or educational essays keep visiting englishessayswriting.com.

10 Lines on Allam Muhammad Iqbal.

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What is Allam Iqbal Famous For?

Allam Iqbal is famous for Her poetry and Idea of Pakistan. In 1930 allam Muhammad Iqbal give spreate homeland Idea.

Who is Allam Iqbal?

Allam Muhammad Iqbal is the most favorite personality who combines Muslims of subcontinent on one plate form for independence.

Why is Allam Iqbal Called a national poet?

Allam Muhammad Iqbal awakens the Muslims through her poetry for separate the nation.

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