10 Lines on Save Trees.

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trees are the close to immortality as the rest of us ever come. s close to immortality as the rest of us ever come to the same path alike.

Trees are an essential component for humans and all living organisms on earth to survive. Because trees make oxygen for all living organisms without oxygen nothing on this planet. Nowadays we all know this thing but we cut trees for different purposes, for example, we cut trees for wood. We cut forests for society. Trees in the forest give many things for humans like fruit and give a different kind of herbs which very use full in medicine industry or trees are important for other living things for example trees give a nest for many birds and give habitat for different animals. When we cut trees these animals or birds species are very highly damaging because in nests some birds give eggs or some nests have some babies that migrate immediately from one place to another. Tress saves humans from many troubles like trees controlling fold water trees roots controlling soil to mixing in the water. Trees are the big source of pollution control tree’s leaves absorb all pollutants. All over trees are very important for all living organisms.

Save Trees 10 Lines for Children.

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