Essay on Mobile Phone For Student’s and Children’s in English

In this post, I am sharing an essay on mobile phones for Students and Children in PDF? Then you are at the right place. In this post, I am sharing a Quality essay on mobile phones. For more essays or short paragraphs click this Link.

Mobile phone is the most common thing all across the world. Every person in the world daily uses 5 to 6-hour phones daily according to estimates. Mobile is invented by Eric at the beginning of the twenty century which are very large and not portable devices. Martie cooper was the American engenier that make the first wireless cell phone. Mobile phones have many good purposes known the digital age but on the other hand mobile phone have many negative points. Mobile phone is firstly used for communication purposes but know day mobile phone adobe many versions as compared to past cell phone know we all enjoy social media through our mobile phone. But some people use this for hacking, Roberts, and Black money transport.

Essay On Mobile Phone 500 words.

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