Essay on My School 300 and 500 for students words PDF

In this post, I am sharing Essays on My school 300 and 500 words for Students in PDF. This essay is very important for all students of the 10th class because this essay is repeated many times in past papers. For more essays keep visiting

School is a single place of education Were we all of us pass away our 12 years of Life. In school, we pass the journey from childhood to a younger age. In the school year, every student thought School is jail classes are cell teachers are security guards and we are prisoners. In school life, first bench students know the answer to every problem but the last bench student knows who to face every problem. In school life, some students are excellent in her studies but always are average in some average students some students are very nill and lost her hope they leave study because they did not know education is the key to unlock the world and the passport of freedom.

Essay on School 300 words.

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School Essay 500 words.

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