Friendship Essay 500 and 200 words [Download PDF]

This post contains an essay on friendship 500 and 200 words for  8th,9th,10th,11th and12th class students. This has important value according to the point of the English annual exam. After reading this essay students are illegible to write a quality essay on friendship. I try to post the best educational and informative notes for students. keep visiting English Essays writing.

Friendship is the best gift of life. Friendship is another world of life. In this essay, I describe five points of friendship. Friends source of happiness, Diminishes our misery in adversity, Defence us against misfortune, Friendship of bad person, conclusion.

Students can write this essay under essay on friendship, friendship goals, essay on a friend in need a friend indeed.

Long Friendship essay 500 words.

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Short Essay on friendship 200 words.

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