Life In a Big City Essay 200 and 500 words [Download PDF]

Are you looking for Life in a big city for students in PDF? You are at the right place. In this post, I try to use easy wording with good synonyms. Students can write this easy very easily in the English annual exam after reading this essay. For more, Informational and educational essays click this link.

Life in a big city has many benefits a Like every convenience on your door, you can easily buy or purchase everything, If you have any serious emergency you easily go to the hospital or police station and etc. But on the other hand, they are many harms like in a big city you cant communicate with each other, you do have not pure anything and in big city life is full of pollution like air pollution water pollution and etc.

Essay on Life in Big city 500 words.

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Life in big city Essay 200 words.

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