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In this post, I am sharing top the cow essay 10 lines for students and children. These lines are very helpful for students to write the best essay on Cow. Cow essay is very important in the annual English exam papers. I always try to provide outstanding material for students. For more, educational and informational essays keep visiting

The cow is the most common animal in the world. the cow is simple like other animals. It has four legs two ears and one tail like other animals. Cow shape same as buffalo but the skin is soft and found in different colors. Cow gives us many things like meat milk and leather but in some religious cow is known as worship and not use meat and milk of cow. Cow always eat the same cattle field as other animals. Cow milk used for children doctors always recommended cow milk for small age children,s. The cow is a very beloved animal.

The cow essay is 10 lines.

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What is a cow essay? 

The cow is a domestic animal. Cow body is the second large body after the elephant. Cow eat 40 to 50 kg grass at one time. A cow’s stomach has four chambers that help the cow digest all food. The cow is the worship animal in Hinduism. Cow gives us easily 10 to 20 kg milk daily. Cow life span is 15 to 21 years. You can easily get this essay from this link.

How do you write a cow essay?

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